In 2011, Julie Maleh, a certified health coach and mother of five began blending up smoothies at 4 a.m. every morning for her family and community. Her goal? To create a way for her family and friends live a healthier, more balanced life. She would deliver her smoothies (which she called Julie's JUS) door-to-door, developing a close relationship with her community and understanding what people really wanted from healthy food.

Our founder developed JUS by Julie as way to give people delicious and easy options for living well in a world that often makes it hard to get all of the nutrients our bodies need. That's why we deliver our products right to your door on whatever date you need them at.

Meet Julie

Hi there, I'm Julie! I'm a certified health coach and mother of five who began my company with a mission to provide my community with healthy yet delicious ways to get more produce in their day. For years I've studied many theories on diets and health, and what I've learned is that our bodies need a great amount of unprocessed whole foods to function at peak capacity and feel great. It's not about counting calories, but fueling our bodies with natural, healthy foods. For many of us, vegetables and fruits are not always our first choice of food, which makes it hard to get our body's daily nutrients and fiber from just three meals a day. That's where my JUSes come in!

Throughout the years, as JUS by Julie has grown and I've seen the positive changes it has made in so many lives, my goal has broadened – I want to inspire the entire world to embrace healthy, balanced living. I've embarked on a journey to keep creating the most crave-able and nutritious products that help motivate you to be (and feel!) your very best. Everything I make is tested by my family of picky eaters, so I know it's the most delicious you'll ever taste!

Julie Maleh, Founder of JÙS by Julie


Blended—Never Cold Pressed

At JÙS by Julie, we NEVER cold press our JUS. Our special blending process makes sure you're getting 100% of the fruits and vegetables that go into the JÙSes. That means you're consuming lots of powerhouse antioxidants, live enzymes and fiber, which play a major role in absorbing and flushing your system as well as providing it with fuel to run at its best. 

Our Mission & Approach to Cleansing

Our goal is to inspire the world to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and it starts by fueling your body with natural whole foods that are both delicious and packed with essential nutrients. That's why we're delivering nutritious cleanses, smoothies, snacks and meals right to your door. Our products are simple, honest and delicious—made from nature’s finest fruits and vegetables—nothing more, nothing less. Everything is made fresh and is packed with vitamins and nutrients that your body will love!