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3 Day JUS Cleanse

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3 Day JUS Cleanse

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Quick Overview

Feel like you need a fresh start or are a first time juicer? Our 3 Day Classic JUS Cleanse renews your body, wiping away the evidence of junk food and unhealthy habits. The blended drinks in this cleanse, each made with whole vegetables and fruits, are designed to evict the unwanted toxins from your body while fueling you with essential fiber, nutrients and vitamins. Once you complete the cleanse, you'll notice a restored sense of energy and a decrease in snack attacks. Get ready to feel great! Our 3 Day Classic Cleanse consists of 18 uniquely blended smoothies. The cleanse is built for you to enjoy 6 of those drinks each day. Cheers!

Raw Truths

We've assigned each drink in your cleanse package with a number (one through six) highlighted on the label to let you know the proper order to drink your smoothies in. We suggest that you consume each drink two to three hours apart, but we ultimately stress that you should listen to your body and drink whenever it tells you it is hungry. By investing in a cleanse, you are investing in your health. Here are a few of the smoothies you will be receiving in your package…

1.  We begin each day with the sweet spin; made from spinach, kale, pineapple, banana and mango we can assure its going to be one of your favorites. Start your day with this one to give your morning a sweet touch. 

2. The spicy lemonade is your new brunch. Created from lemons, cayenne pepper and maple syrup, it is similar to what is known as the classic master cleanse detox. We have included it in your cleanse to pump up your vitamin C and rev your metabolism to get things heated up. 

3. Next up is Raw Green Protein, tastes like caramel apple pie in a bottle! That kick of protein will be the perfect mid-day booster your body wants and needs.

4. More than halfway through a day of cleansing, you can expect to be treated with something sweet to keep you going. You will receive our famous Chia Berry. 

5- For dinner you can expect something hearty. One of our thick specialty drinks are in store to keep you full and satisfied. They are packed with a variety of nutrients and healthy fats. You will get an assortment of PB & Jus, Island Coconut and Matcha Chia.

6- Enjoy a delicious Xtreme Greens before you head off into slumberland so that you can really wake up feeling rejuvenated!

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Customer Reviews

Great! Review by JEssica
I felt that it was time for me to do a cleanse (my first one ever) to start getting ready for summer that is creeping up quickly. Overall I really liked it. The first day I got a headache but after day 1 I was fine. I slept very soundly all 3 nights! I also felt like I had more energy throughout the days. Below are my thoughts on each of the drinks:
Sweet Spin: I loved it! It was refreshing a great way to start the day.
Spicy Lemonade: Enjoyed. It was just like a normal lemonade.
Raw Green: Awesome too!
Chia Berry: This was my favorite. It has some substance.
Go Nuts & Bananas: YUM!
Island Coconut: More YUM!
PB & JUS: This was ok. It was a little flat and dry tasting. I love peanut butter but not this drink.
Xtreme greens: Loved it! (Posted on 3/1/17)
Great cleanse! Review by Eric
I just finished my first 3 day cleanse yesterday and it was great. I've lost over 5 1/2 pounds and I look and feel excellent. Here are my observations:

I came into it fairly apprehensive. I was worried the juices might not taste good or might be full of sugar and make me feel dizzy and tired all day. But those concerns were completely unjustified. The juices were tasty (mostly) and seemed to have the perfect blend of carbs, proteins and fats to get me through the day. I occasionally felt a little hungry but never weak, tired, or disoriented. Whenever I felt hunger, it was inevitably right on time for the next juice. In fact, two out of the three days I didn't even want my last juice of the day because I felt completely full and satisfied in the evenings. One of those times I put the evening juice in the freezer to drink later. The other time, I just drank half and left the other half for the next day. I didn't jog the first two days of the cleanse but by the third day I was really feeling the need to get back out there, so I did a standard three mile jog. My pace and endurance were about 95% normal. At the end I did feel a little light headed but that went away as soon as I drank a juice. I did do a pre-juice diet for a couple days where all I ate was lean meat, fresh fruit and spinach and I jogged on those days. I'm doing the same diet for two days now that the cleanse is over and i'm going hiking today. So, bottom line, my activity level was relatively unaffected. I believe doing the pre-juice diet helped a lot because my body was already in adjustment mode on day 1. I lost slightly more than 1 pound a day and I expect I will go on losing one pound a day for these last two days of my post-juice diet. My only complaint was the lunch time juice (Juice #3). It is a little two "green" for me. Right at the point in the day where you're sort of feeling left out because your work colleagues are all enjoying a "real" lunch, that's when you're stuck drinking the least tasty drink of the bunch. I know they are trying to balance out the nutrients for what people need throughout the day so they are probably locked in to some extent, but if the lunch juice could be a little tastier it would definitely help. Next time I do it, I might just swap the lunch juice for the last juice of the day, as that one tastes much better. So, basically there were a few juices that were very good and I would totally drink them any time. There were a couple others that were just ok - nothing to get excited about but when you're starting to feel hungry they are definitely satisfying. And then as I mentioned the lunch time juice is pure medicine to drink. What else? I did have the runs each day - usually once or twice during the day and then again in the evening. I think the cayenne pepper contributed to that. I would suggest that they give an alternative to people with weak stomachs who can't handle hot spices very well. I understand cayenne pepper is an appetite suppressant but it's not worth feeling sick to your stomach. On the positive side, in addition to losing some weight (which is a great side effect!) I now feel inspired to eat better now. My theory is that as I am adding food back into my diet I really only want to add healthy(ier) food and skip the junk food. I also feel good physically. I feel light and quick and my skin is glowing. My face looks better/healthier and I definitely have noticed more glances from people, which is also a nice side-benefit. The price seems about right for me. I used a groupon so it was $134 for three days, which included shipping. I realize that's a little pricey for some people, but I am willing to pay a fair price for true quality - and that's what these juices are. I never had one single doubt or concern about the quality of juices or the content. They are made from simple whole foods like spinach, kale, celery, apple, strawberry, lemon, etc. So I would rather pay a little more and get true quality. Plus I appreciate that the box was shipped right on time to my door. My final comment is that I did drink plenty of water during the cleanse, which I believe helped suppress appetite and of course kept me hydrated so I felt better. I took the time to write this review because I am new to this and was very impressed with juicing for both health and weight loss purposes, and if other people are on the fence like I was, I wanted to provide a detailed review that might actually help someone decide to do this. Pay it forward! (Posted on 7/16/16)
Exactly what my body needed! Review by Mary
I ordered the 3-day classic cleanse with the 12 booster shots. I did not start the cleanse right away, so I stored them in the freezer for about 1 week and thawed each days worth the night before and they tasted great! I love the organization of this cleanse. It was comforting to know when I will be consuming these juices and in what order-- there was also a cleanse guide along with my order which was really helpful. I'm now on my final day (day 3) of the cleanse and I feel great. I have felt satisfied and energized all three days, with the exception of the first day in the evening when I was feeling weak--BUT have no fear, the cleanse guide was my savior in recommending up to 3 eggwhites at dinner time if needed, which was absolutely perfect and exactly what my body needed. I would defintely try this cleanse again-- the taste of each juice was surprisingly good and that makes a huge difference on a cleanse, also I felt my body was still receiving its proper nutrients. (Posted on 7/11/16)
Love it Review by Mandi
Delicious and filling! (Posted on 5/5/16)
Great start! Review by Andrea
I was not able to start my cleanse when I originally wanted to as I was not home to sign for it. So I put everything in the freezer as told. I did notice that when they were thawing, some did not thaw as nicely as the others, for example, the Dr. Green seems to still be fairly "chunky" but perhaps that was also just the texture of it.

I also noticed that the spicy lemonade and spicy pomegranate stayed mostly frozen even after being out of the freezer for 12 hours. HINT: Pour most of the liquid that has melted into a cup, put the cap back on and shake vigorously to break up the one large ice chunk that still left. Then you can pour the liquid from the cup back into the bottle and you're good to go!

All in all, I enjoyed the cleanse, even though the Dr. Green one was very difficult for me to drink (both texture and taste). I have already ordered some of one I really enjoyed (Sweet Spin and the Peanut Butter ones) to keep using on a more regular basis to replace some snacks. (Posted on 2/24/16)
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