Meal Replacements & Snack Routines

A well-rounded & nutritious way to fuel your on-the-go lifestyle.

Breakfast Packs

Start your busy days off with these nutritionally balanced breakfast bundles that deliver everything you need – just grab and go!

2 Day Pack

Morning Sunshine | $38

2 Days of Breakfast
Two days of breakfasts that make you feel like pure sunshine. Includes a probiotic-infused cold brew coffee, a protein-rich smoothie, and a glow-inducing booster shot for each day.

18g Protein | 14g Fiber per pack
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2 Day Pack

Lasting Energy | $45

2 Days of Breakfast
Two days of activating breakfasts that will keep you going strong all day long. Includes a matcha-infused smoothie for long lasting energy, raw date energy bites, and an invigorating booster shot for each day.

10g Protein | 14g Fiber per pack
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Lunch & Dinner Packs

No time to pack lunch or prep dinner? These hunger-satisfying bundles cover everything your body needs from a full, nutritious meal.

2 Day Pack

Lunch Date | $45

2 Days of Lunch
Enjoy a delicious green smoothie loaded with leafy vegetables, a refreshing healthy Vitamin C “lemonade”, and savory protein-packed tamari almonds each day in this bundle.

30g Protein | 21g Fiber per pack
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2 Day Pack

Dinner Date | $45

2 Days of Dinner
Just as hearty as a homemade dinner, but twice as healthy. Enjoy a blended vegan soup made with whole vegetables, hummus & crackers, and a dessert smoothie each day in this bundle.

27g Protein | | 34 g Fiber per pack
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Wellness Treatment Packs

Need to tackle inflammation & bloating or just want a glowing complexion? Look no further than these healing bundles.

1 Week Pack

Bye-Bye Bloat | $45

1 Week of Smoothies
A week’s worth of smoothies and probiotics to help deal with inflammation and digestive issues, leaving you feeling lighter and less bloated.

14g Protein | 23g Fiber per pack
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1 Week Pack

Glow Baby, Glow | $45

1 Week of Smoothies + Shots
A week’s worth of anti-aging, radiance-boosting smoothies & shots loaded with beautifying ingredients like, antioxidants, collagen, Vitamin C, and healthy fats.

20g Protein | 24g Fiber per pack
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Healthy Snack Routines

Revamp your snack routine with these healthy yet delicious on-the-go packs that will have you kicking junk food to the curb.

5 Day Pack

Guilt-Free Dessert | $45

5 Days of Healthy Dessert
Have a sweet tooth? This pack has got you covered with five days of healthy desserts, from dreamy & creamy dessert smoothies to irresistible raw date bites that taste just like an Almond Joy bar.

16g Protein | 16g Fiber per pack
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1 Week Pack

Protein-Rich Snacks | $45

1 Week of Snacks
Protein is the name of the game when it comes to healthy snacking that fills you up and keeps you feeling fueled. Enjoy this pack of plant-based protein snacks, including protein smoothies, crunchy BBQ pea puffs, cashew hummus & crackers, and more!

69g Protein | 31 g Fiber per pack
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