Why Choose Blended JUS?

You're Getting the Whole Fruit & Vegetables
You're getting the entire fruit and vegetable when enjoying our blended JUS. Our special blending process breaks up the fiber, which gives a smoother consistency than a traditional smoothie and makes the produce easier to digest. to learn more

It's More Filling
Blended juices are digested more slowly than cold pressed juices because you're getting the entire produce in the drink, including all of the important fiber. Fiber keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time. This is helpful for anyone doing a juice cleanse.

It Detoxes Your System More Efficiently
All of that fiber in the fruits & vegetables (which you remove when cold-pressing) helps push waste & toxins through digestive tract, allowing you to eliminate them from your body. The fiber also feeds the good bacteria in your digestive system.

It Regulates Sugar Spikes
Fruits and vegetables contain natural sugar, which is not bad for you, but if there's no fiber to create a steady release of sugar (aka energy) from your juice, you're bound to get a big sugar spike, followed by a crash that makes you feel sluggish. Our blended JUS allows your body to slowly digest these sugars.

It Contains More Nutrients
Our blended JUS has more of the pulp of the fruits and vegetables, which holds lots of nutrients and vitamins.