Julie's New Year Picks
Want to break free of bad habits this year? I’ve put together six reset kits that will make jumpstarting your 2019 health journey a breeze, whether you’re new to this or a seasoned pro.
-xoxo, Julie
Classic Detox

3 Day Detox - 18 Smoothies
This is a great program for anyone looking to reset for the new year. You'll get smoothies loaded with all the energy your body needs to help it get rid of unwanted toxins.

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Soup & Sip Detox

3 Day Detox - 9 Smoothies + 9 Soups
Savory soups and naturally sweet smoothies? You won’t find a tastier (or more effective) detox program. Three soups and three smoothies each day.

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Quick Cleanse

2 Day Detox - 12 Smoothies
A great program to try out your first detox or do digestive maintenance. You'll get 12 smoothies that are loaded with the clean energy your body needs to reset this year.

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Daytime Detox

5 Day Detox - 20 Smoothies + Your Own Healthy Dinner
This cleanse is perfect for beginners or athletes who work out often. You drink four nutrient-dense smoothies per day, then prepare your own healthy dinner in the evening.

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Squeaky Clean Detox

5 Day Detox - 30 Smoothies
I built this program for those more experienced to juicing or detoxing. It’s got tons of nutrients, vitamins & minerals to cleanse for five days straight.

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Bye-Bye Bloat

7 Smoothies + Probiotics
Not into cleansing? This is a quick way to get rid of inflammation and digestive issues. Just pour a probiotic packet into one smoothie loaded with bloat-fighting ingredients each day.

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Add To Any Cleanse
Super Green Pack

2 Smoothies + 6 Superfood Shots
This super green pack is a great addition to any cleanse to kickstart 2019. Enjoy it before, during, or after detoxing.

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Booster Shots

12 Superfood Shots
This pack of our most nutrient-dense superfood shots can be added on to any detox kits to boost its effectiveness.

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Probiotic Mix

30 Day Supply
Add this flavorless probiotic mix to smoothies, soups, or any beverage during your cleanse to boost the digestive benefits of detoxing.

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