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Why JÙS?

Feel like you need a fresh start? The JÙSes in this cleanse, each made with blended whole vegetables and fruits, are designed to flush your system while fueling you with essential fiber, nutrients and vitamins. Once you complete the cleanse, you'll notice a restored sense of energy and a decrease in snack attacks. Get ready to feel great!

Blended is Better

At JÙS by Julie, we NEVER cold press our products. Our special blending process makes sure you're getting 100% of the whole fruits and vegetables that go into the JÙSes. That means you're consuming powerhouse vitamins & nutrients, plus lots of fiber, which plays a major role in flushing your system.


The more you allow your body to prepare, the easier this cleanse will be. Prior to cleansing, start to cut out your daily indulgences like meat, dairy and sugar (don't worry, you'll see them again soon!). Instead, enjoy as many fruits and vegetables as you want with each meal. It doesn't mean you have to cut out everything–just don't chow down on things like ice cream and chicken alfredo.



Drink by Number
Inside your box you'll find one or more bundles of 6 smoothies for each day of your cleanse. Start with a bottle marked #1 in the morning and drink your way through JÙS #6 at least two hours before bedtime. If you've received multiple bundles, it does not matter which one you start with. Be sure to drink plenty of water in between JÙSes to stay hydrated.

JÙS Care

We've High Pressure Processed this cleanse, which means it will stay fresh for a longer period of time and will and maintain its essential vitamins, minerals & enzymes. Just place the product in your refrigerator when it arrives and drink all JUSes before the expiration date printed on the bottles.

Keep JÙS refrigerated at all times  •  Separation is natural. Shake well before drinking


If your body feels up to working out, go for it! Just remember, you may not be able to exercise as strenuously as you normally do, so take it easy.

Something to Chew On

Yes, the goal of cleansing is to curb your solid food intake, but if you need an extra boost, you can have:
• 2 cups raw or steamed green vegetables
• Up to 3 egg whites at dinnertime
• 1 to 2 cups of coffee or green tea, unsweetened or with a little Truvia/Stevia


Post-cleanse eating is all about slowly progressing from easily digestible, hydrating foods (think fruit, cucumbers, leafy vegetables, avocados or any of our soups) to the heavier, more filling foods (think grains, lean meats, eggs). And remember, our JÙSes aren't just for cleansing! Have one on-the-go for a healthy snack or as a meal replacement when you're in a pinch.

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