Why the Keto Diet May Be More Dangerous Than You Think

Why the Keto Diet May Be More Dangerous Than You Think

If you’ve been keeping up with the trends you’ve probably heard of the Keto diet, which has been making major waves on social media.

Essentially an Atkins diet 2.0, the Keto Diet promotes eating foods that are high in protein and fat, while eliminating most carbs and sugar from your diet. While this allows the body to drop weight at an alarmingly fast rate, it can unfortunately lead to some negative health problems.

If you’re thinking of giving Keto a try, we do recommend doing proper research and always consulting with your doctor. Below are a few reasons why we personally believe this is one trend that may be more dangerous than you think.

It’s not sustainable

In a study referenced by Everyday Health, this is a very difficult diet to maintain. More than half of the study participants quit before it even concluded, which doesn’t sound very promising. As with most trendy diets, the Keto diet is not a full lifestyle change. It’s something that is adhered to for a short period of time until the weight loss goal is achieved, which poses a serious risk of having that weight “yo yo” right back as soon as you get off the diet.

Increased risk of High Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Since the Keto diet promotes a high fat diet, it’s super easy to go overboard with unhealthy trans and saturated fats. You know, the stuff found in butter, cheese, and meat. So even if you drop weight quickly, you may be doing so at the price of potential long-term health risks.


Since the majority of the initial weight loss is water weight, it’s super easy to become dehydrated on the Keto diet. Aside from a lack of energy, dry skin, brain fog, and other side effects of dehydration, you may also experience kidney stones and kidney damage if the dehydration is not reversed.

Developing an unhealthy relationship with food

As with any fad diet, the Keto diet is based heavily on which foods you can eat and which foods are forbidden. Combine this with an unhealthy weight loss goal and you can easily start to view food as the enemy versus fuel for your body. With at least 30 million people struggling with an eating disorder in the U.S. alone, entering into a highly restrictive diet like Keto can prove to do more harm than good.

We don’t claim to be experts on the Keto diet, but overall we strongly believe that there is no quick magic fix for weight loss. Instead, we suggest focusing on an overall lifestyle approach with a Mediterranean or mostly plant-based diet, lots of water, a proper amount of sleep each night and lots of exercise.

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