The Only 10 Areas of Your Home You Need to Spring Clean

The Only 10 Areas of Your Home You Need to Spring Clean

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We love the refreshed feeling we get when winter turns into spring. With that comes the motivation to clear out dirt, clutter and dust that have built up over the winter. But a deep spring clean can easily turn into a daunting task if you're trying to tackle every nook and cranny of your home. We've put together a list of the most important areas of your house to spring clean, which ensure that your home is functional, tidy, and most important of all, a healthy space to live in. 


spring cleaning checklist refrigerator


It's easy to leave old food in the refrigerator for, well, months on end. Remove everything from your fridge, tossing anything that's expired, and give the inside a good wide down. Most fridge shelves are removeable for easy washing, as well. When you place items back in, make food that got lost before more visible so you're sure to use it in the future. 


spring cleaning check list pantry


Similar to your fridge, remove everything from the pantry and toss stale or expired items and things you just won't ever eat. If you haven't already, stock up on clear containers to house pantry items like rice, flour and pasta that are often just left open in the bag. Wipe down the shelves with a rag and some natural all-purpose cleaner (try our non-toxic DIY version), and place your items back into the space. 

interior with ceiling fan spring cleaning checklist


Ceiling fan blades can build up a lot of dust in the winter. The last thing you want is a tornado of allergy-inducing dust when you turn it on. Using a ladder and cloth or duster, carefully wipe the top of each fan blade as well as the lamp area, which you may need to vacuum out. 


spring cleaning checklist closet


This one tends to be the most daunting for people, but we have a surefire rule to make it a lot easier—if you haven't used or worn it in over a year, throw it out. We often hold on to stuff for sentimental value, even when it's not the least bit functional in our daily lives. Once you've purged what you don't need (donating what's reusable), vacuum out the space, and make use of some closet organizers to help you maximize the area. 


spring cleaning checklist baseboards


The most this area sees all year is a quick vacuum. Take a soapy rag to your baseboards and give them a good wash. Use a magic eraser or some of this DIY Natural All-Purpose Cleaner to get rid of pesky scuffs or stains. 


 spring cleaning checklist drapes


Drapes and blinds never seem to get much attention, but they can harbor a lot of dust. Give them a good dusting or vacuuming with the brush attachment. 


spring cleaning checklist radiator


Tight areas you can't see tend to build up lot of dust, and when you turn on the heat or air conditioning, dust is being blown all over your home. For an old-school radiator, use the thin nozzle attachment of your vacuum cleaner to get between the rods. For newer versions, remove the lid of the vent and wipe it off before reattaching. 


spring cleaning checklist under the bed


Whether or not you store items under your bed, dust and dust mites build up here, too. Have someone help you move your bed so that you can vacuum and mop the area, being sure to pull up the area rug if you use one. 

spring cleaning checklist oven


So many meals cooked in here! Clean out all the crusted food by using our Natural All-Purpose Cleaner and a damp rag. It will cut through grease and grime, and will eliminate the need for you to use that annoying self-clean option that always makes your smoke alarm go off. 

spring cleaning checklist kitchen appliances


Whether it's your microwave, coffee maker, or stand mixer, give the smaller kitchen appliances a cleaning. While you're at it, give your water filter pitcher a wash, too.