The House Plants To Get if You Have a Brown Thumb

The House Plants To Get if You Have a Brown Thumb

Filling your home with lots of plants is the Millennial way of decorating and we’re completely on board! With sites like Mindbodygreen and Well and Good  giving us all the #plantmama inspiration, it’s safe to say we have quite a few plants on our wishlist.

But not all of us are blessed with a green thumb (no shame!). If you want to turn your home into a cozy, plant filled oasis, but don’t necessarily have the means for intense upkeep, these are the plants for you!

ZZ Plant

This sturdy, rubbery looking plant is practically indestructible. No, that doesn’t mean you can set it on fire and it’ll still be standing, however it is one of the best plants for people who can’t seem to keep anything alive. It barely needs water and prefers the shade over direct sunlight. It’s one of those plants you can sit in the corner of your tiny apartment, forget to water it for 2 months and somehow it’ll still be kicking.


One of our personal favorites, these beauties are super low maintenance and grow absolutely beautifully. They can survive quite well in lower light and colder temperatures, which make them perfect for urbanites in the Northeast. They’re also extremely easy to propagate. Just cut off a healthy stem with at least 4-5 leaves and set it in a glass of water. Wait about a month for the roots to form and then plop them into a pot with soil.

Snake Plant

A member of the succulent family, these plants can be identified by their stiff, striped leaves that almost seem to “slither” out of the pot. Aside from being really pretty, they’re also very easy to take care of. They thrive in bright light, but can do just fine in low to moderate light settings. And it’s okay to let their soil dry out completely between waterings.


Is this too obvious? Sorry, we had to throw it in here! Although both cacti and succulents still need to be watered regularly (especially when they’re still growing), they can survive if you’re a bit forgetful and miss a watering or two. They like bright light, but shouldn’t be set in super harsh, direct sunlight for too long. If you want them to thrive, set your cactus on a shelf or desk near a window but not directly on the windowsill.

Aloe Vera

This is one plant you would have to actively try to kill since it barely needs any water at all! It’s the perfect houseplant for beginners, and the healing properties are an added bonus. If you have a healthy aloe vera plant, all you need to do is cut open one of the leaves and squeeze out the gel for an instant sunburn or burn remedy. We have a feeling it’ll be the perfect companion for beach lovers out there!

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