3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

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Bathrooms can be a tricky thing to update and make feel like a spa sanctuary without a major (i.e. expensive) overhaul. But we've got a few tricks up our sleeve that will instantly turn your bathroom into a space that feels super luxe on a dime. 

Aromatic Shower Decoration

This idea, which we got from Mi-Anne Chan, is simple, yet so dramatic. Grab a bunch of eucalyptus leaves from your grocery store (Trader Joe's has them for $3!), and secure the stems together with a rubber band. Wrap the rubber band in twine to cover it up, and, using the twine, tie the eucalyptus bunch to your shower head. Not only does it look beautiful, but when you shower, the steam will release the oils of the leaves, giving off a refreshing spa-like scent.


Add A Ladder For Towels

A decorative ladder isn't just pretty to look at. It's also functional for small bathrooms with limited space. Simply hang your towels over the rungs. You can even add hanging canisters for toiletries or flowers like this one from IKEA if you drill a little hole into a rung for the hook. 

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Display A Tray Of Your Favorite Products

One of the best parts of a spa is the products neatly arranged on a tray just begging to be used. Grab a decorative tray (we like these) and your favorite bath/body/beauty products along with a plant or diffuser, and place them on your sink's counter or a nearby shelf. Voila! Instant spa feeling. Plus, its a great way to show off products with beautiful packaging that normally get hidden away in drawers.

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