Superfood Breakdown: What Is Chlorophyll?


CHLOROPHYLL is one of those words that you most likely remember from biology class. It's what gives plants their color, but these days the green pigment is being hailed as a superfood, and we're totally on board.

WHAT IT IS: At JUS by Julie HQ, we call chlorophyll sunshine for your body. Why? It's found in chloroplasts, which is responsible for the absorption of light that gives algae and plants energy. Bottom line, it contains more light energy than any other food element.


WAYS IT HELPS YOU: The easier question would be what doesn't it do for you--it's essentially the lifeblood of green plants and has an almost identical molecular structure as hemoglobin, which is what builds and transports red blood cells in our blood. That means it has the power to increase the quality & quantity of red blood cells, something that is great for anyone with an iron deficiency. On top of that, it's got crazy-high levels of magnesium, a nutrient that delivers oxygen to the blood, a.k.a. it gives your body a major hand in energy production. That afternoon coffee's got nothin' on chlorophyll.

HOW TO EAT IT: You can take it in pill or powder form, but we prefer to take our Booster Shot, which is laced with mint, so it's extra refreshing. Take a swig of it whenever you need a pick-me-up, or after a rough workout to reduce swelling and muscle soreness.



Chlorophyll Booster Shot, $4