Stormy | @stormy.owen

Stormy | @stormy.owen

jus by julie #thefeelgoodclub stormy

NAME: Stormy Owen

AGE: 48

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @stormy.owen


FAVORITE QUOTE: "This too shall pass."

"Hi, I'm Stormy. I am a mother of four children who have blessed me with an active lifestyle. I spend my days now shuttling my 14 year old daughter to school and her various sports (basketball, volleyball & softball), and I enjoy watching all of my children play sports. I love doing yoga, walking in the woods, camping, and eating fresh clean food. I recently found Jus by Julie and instantly fell in love with all of their juices. I feel like they've really made a difference in my daily life.

Being healthy for me isn't just about my body, though. It's about feeling good and doing good. A big joy in my life is my two dogs. One is a golden retriever, and the other is a beagle. They bark a lot (LOL), but always have a wagging tail greeting me at the door, and they fill my heart with love. I also volunteer with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), doing my best to be of service to foster children by getting them placed in a safe, loving home."

Stormy, In A Snapshot:

I am    busy    but people call me    happy    .
When I want to feel good I     exercise    .
My passion is    animals and helping foster kids    .
To me, being healthy is       trying to eat clean foods and not junk food     .
My fave JUS by Julie product is     The Spicy Pomegranate JUS because of the kick of spice and subtle taste. I also like the Chia Berry and Sweet Spin JUSes     .
jus by julie #thefeelgoodclub stormy
How do you make living healthy fit your lifestyle?     I make it a priority to drink a bottle of juice daily as well as exercise at least 3 times a week    .
What does being on a healthy journey to feel good mean to you?     It means a life feeling happy, joyful and energetic for myself and for my family     .
Current recipe/food obsession:     Tomato/cucumber salad with a miso dressing   .
Favorite songs to get me moving are      Rockstar by Post Malone and any AC/DC song    .