Stormy | @stormy.owen

Stormy | @stormy.owen

NAME: Stormy Owen

AGE: 48

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @stormy.owen


FAVORITE QUOTE: "This too shall pass."

"Hi, I'm Stormy. I am a mother of four children who have blessed me with an active lifestyle. I spend my days now shuttling my 14 year old daughter to school and her various sports (basketball, volleyball & softball), and I enjoy watching all of my children play sports. I love doing yoga, walking in the woods, camping, and eating fresh clean food. I recently found Jus by Julie and instantly fell in love with all of their juices. I feel like they've really made a difference in my daily life.

Being healthy for me isn't just about my body, though. It's about feeling good and doing good. A big joy in my life is my two dogs. One is a golden retriever, and the other is a beagle. They bark a lot (LOL), but always have a wagging tail greeting me at the door, and they fill my heart with love. I also volunteer with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), doing my best to be of service to foster children by getting them placed in a safe, loving home."

Stormy, In A Snapshot:

I am  busy  but people call me  happy.
When I want to feel good I   exercise.
My passion is  animals and helping foster kids.
To me, being healthy is  trying to eat clean foods and not junk food.
My fave JUS by Julie product is  The Spicy Pomegranate JUS because of the kick of spice and subtle taste. I also like the Chia Berry and Sweet Spin JUSes.
How do you make living healthy fit your lifestyle?  I make it a priority to drink a bottle of juice daily as well as exercise at least 3 times a week.
What does being on a healthy journey to feel good mean to you?   It means a life feeling happy, joyful and energetic for myself and for my family.
Current recipe/food obsession:  Tomato/cucumber salad with a miso dressing.
Favorite songs to get me moving are  Rockstar by Post Malone and any AC/DC song.