Sip + Sweat: The Best Workouts for When You're On a Juice Cleanse

Sip + Sweat: The Best Workouts for When You're On a Juice Cleanse

best workouts when on a juice cleanse

SO YOU'RE ON THE JUICE cleanse train. You've rid your home of junk food, cancelled dinner plans, had enough willpower to give up brunch. But what about exercise?  


For those who regularly workout, giving up exercise for an entire week is tough, as you're used to those happy little endorphins pumping through your brain. The key to exercising on a cleanse is to listen to your body. The cleanse itself requires a lot of energy, so even if you do decide to hit the gym, just know that you're not going to be able to, nor should you, go as hard as you usually do. 


But exercise during a cleanse does have its benefits. It stimulates blood circulation, respiration and sweating, all of which help release toxins from the body. The key is choosing the right type of workout, which is why we've rounded up four of our go-to types of exercise and our favorite routines that will enhance your cleanse. 



Yoga is one of those workouts that hits on multiple areas. Among the many benefits, you're stretching muscle fibers, increasing breath capacity, relaxing your nervous system, improving your balance and increasing your ability to focus. It's the perfect pairing with a cleanse because it is low-impact and helps you centralize your intention to lead a health lifestyle. Just avoid the intense versions like hot yoga, and if you're feeling woozy, rest in child's pose for as long as you need. 



If you've never tried foam rolling, you're definitely in for a treat. All of us JBJer's have affectionately deemed it 'Mr. Magic Massage.' And for those of you who only consider it a warm-up/cool-down staple, take note that not all workouts need to be strenuous during a cleanse. Foam rolling is an activity that will further boost the detox process because it helps to release lactic acid and toxins that build up in your connective muscle tissues. It'll also break up any muscle knots that are a result of over-activity, injury or sitting at a desk for hours. This will increase the blood flow to your muscles, allowing them to function at peak capacity. 



Walking is what our bodies are naturally made to do best. Doing so at a quick pace will get oxygen pumping through your lungs and blood, which enhances your system's ability to detox. Grab a friend and do some laps in your neighborhood to make a date of it. 

Our Fave Routine: Speed-Interval Walking Routine



We know that some of you are going to crave your full-on workout because that's what you do. If you fall into that category, you're gonna need more protein than juice can provide. Go for a modified juice cleanse like a Juice Until Dinner option. That way you'll be able to properly refuel your body after that sweat sesh while still evicting those toxins 

Our Fave Routine: Before Breakfast Biking Workout