Our New JUSes & Snacks Will Make Your Tastebuds Do a Happy Dance

Our New JUSes & Snacks Will Make Your Tastebuds Do a Happy Dance

Sound the alarm because Julie has been whipping up some new snacks and JUSes that are not to be missed.

First up, three new smoothies

Whether you’re craving lots of greens or something a little more tropical, we think you’ll love these delicious combos.

Green Radiance

Benefits: Is your body feeling sluggish lately? This green smoothie with a tropical flavor and 25% of your daily dose of fiber will have you feeling renewed, refreshed and radiant, from the inside out.
The Good Stuff: Spinach, Apples, Strawberries, Mango, Coconut Oil, Ginger
When to Drink: Reach for this first thing in the morning (especially after an indulgent weekend) or when you hit that mid-afternoon slump!

Strawberry Dream

Benefits: Dreams really do come true with this dairy-free, creamy smoothie that tastes like a strawberry shake.
The Good Stuff: Strawberries, Almonds, Beets, Rice Milk, Agave
When to Drink: Keep your health goals top of mind and swap out the chocolate cake for this sweet smoothie instead! 

Watermelon Wizard

Benefits: This super-refreshing, hydrating smoothie will leave you spellbound. The secret? Plenty of fruits with Vitamin C and Maqui Berry powder, a Chilean superfood known for its health benefits...or as we like to call it, magic dust.
The Good Stuff: Watermelon, Pineapple, Strawberries, Lemon Juice, Rosemary, Maqui Berry Powder
When to Drink: Feeling super thirsty or about to hit the gym? This will give you the burst of hydration your body desperately needs!
Next, we have two new satisfying & delicious snacks

These two new additions to our snack arsenal are perfect for whenever you're on the go! 

Pea Puffs 

Benefits: Eating your peas just got a lot more fun with our flavor-packed light & crispy air-popped pea snack you just can't stop eating. And that's okay, because each serving has 4 grams of protein (that's 100% more than you'll find in popcorn!) and live probiotics that are proven to survive 10x better than yogurt cultures

The Good Stuff: These puffs come in three flavors: Original, BBQ and Kettle
When to Enjoy: These are the perfect compliment to any picnic lunch! All you need is a picnic basket, a tasty sandwich, one of our JUSes and a bag of pea puffs for a delicious (and healthy) meal. 
Benefits: Our smooth & creamy sprouted cashew hummus with delicious crispy gluten-free whole grain crackers is the perfect balanced snack. Each pack is complete with 6g of plant protein, 6g of fiber and live probiotics that are proven to survive 10x better than yogurt cultures.
The Good Stuff: Sprouted cashew hummus with gluten-free whole grain crackers
When to Enjoy: This delightful snack is perfect for a mid-day bite at the office or as a quick pre-workout pick me up! 
Try them out! 

Let us know which one is your favorite by tagging #JUSbyJulie on Instagram! We love regramming your pics.