Olivia | @collegefitness_olivia

Olivia | @collegefitness_olivia

Jus by Julie #thefeelgoodclub olivia

NAME: Olivia Neff 

AGE: 20 

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @collegefitness_olivia 

OCCUPATION: Full Time Student, Athlete, Intern at Ohio Civil Rights Commission Office & Swim Coach 

FAVORITE QUOTE:  “It never gets easier, you just get better.” 

jus by julie #thefeelgoodclub olivia

Hi! I'm Olivia. I’m a junior at DePauw University studying Global Health and Peace & Conflict. I'm also part of the Pi Beta Phi fraternity, and I'm a swimmer. 

Growing up as a swimmer has allowed me to have time to truly think to myself. My coping mechanism to stress in life is working out. The water allows me to release stress and also have time for myself. I began a college fitness account on Instagram over the summer to help track my nutrition and fitness. Seeing progress made me feel good, and during this time, I also fell in love with cycling.


I’m very passionate about fitness and nutrition because when I’m working out and eating healthy, I feel great. I love working hard and seeing how that hard work pays off. The day I broke my school record in high school was one of the best moments of my life. I knew the countless hours I put in, but also knew how much I benefitted from those hours of swimming in other ways, too.

Overall, I've learned that I love being active because exercise allows my body AND mind to feel good. 

Olivia, In A Snapshot

When I want to feel good, I    do something to push myself     . 

My passion is     being the best version of myself     . 

To me, being healthy is     goal setting and not extreme dieting       .  

My fave JUS by Julie products are      the smoothies! My favorite is Chia Berry because it fills me up and tastes amazing, but I also like Sweet Spin and Green Radiance      . 

How do you make living healthy fit your lifestyle?        I plan ahead. I set goals for myself. I realize that being a healthy human will be so rewarding for the rest of my life, especially since I love traveling. I also love mentoring others and I can’t help others if I’m not pursuing the goals myself      .

What does being on a healthy journey to feel good mean to you?      Realizing the work that I’m putting in now will mean something later in life. I want to be able to be active later in life because that’s what makes me happy       . 

Current recipe/food obsession:      Egg white omelets. I know it sounds crazy but you can make a fire egg white omelet by adding a variety of veggies and a little cheese. Plus it’s high in protein     . 

Favorite song that gets me moving:       Everytime We Touch by Cascada