Make This DIY Salt Spray for Soft Beachy Waves

Make This DIY Salt Spray for Soft Beachy Waves


Who else is excited that summer's nearly here? We're ready to bust out our sundresses, jean shorts & bikinis and hit the beach. While most of us can't spend every minute lounging by the ocean, we can fake the look of beach-y waves with this DIY Salt Spray. Our recipe uses leave-in conditioner, so your hair will not only have a perfectly tousled look, it'll also be super soft and touchable. Just spray onto your towel dried hair, scrunch it a few times if your strands are naturally straight, and you're good to go! 

DIY Sea Salt Spray for Hair 



Pour the hot water into the spray bottle. Add in the sea salt, coconut oil, leave-in conditioner, and pomade. Screw the spray bottle top on and shake to combine ingredients for about a minute.  

TO USE: Spray liberally onto towel dried hair. If your hair is naturally straight, scrunch the ends or put in a loose bun while it dries. Take your hair down when it's almost dry. 

Now whip that beachy hair back and forth all day long 'cause you're lookin' good, girl!