Love To Eat? This Is The Cleanse For You

Love To Eat? This Is The Cleanse For You

woman in nyc drinking jus by julie jus til dinner cleanse

When you've overindulged on vacations or after a particularly crazy weekend, you start thinking about doing a cleanse to kickstart healthier habits and detoxify. But then you think about only consuming liquid for several days and you're like, "Ummmm, no." We get it. If you're a foodie or someone who loves to eat, doing a full-on liquid detox or cleanse can be a little intense. Before you even think about doing a cleanse, the first thing you need to understand is that: (1) Fiber is essential for helping your body naturally flush itself (2) You need protein to keep your body functioning properly throughout the day (3) Detoxing doesn't necessarily mean only consuming liquids. In fact, most cleanses leave all three of these things out. 

If you're considering a juice cleanse or detox, but aren't ready to give up food, the JUS 'Til Dinner Cleanse is for you. It's also great for athletes who want to cleanse, but need additional calories when training.   


You drink a variety of four smoothies packed with nutritional powerhouses like spinach, kale, chia seeds, and pomegranate each day for five days, and then have your own healthy dinner in the evening.  



These are smoothies, rather than juicesThat means they're blended rather than cold-pressed, which keeps in all of the fiber from the fruits and vegetables used to make them. That will keep you feeling full and help your body naturally detoxify. 

You get one protein smoothie per day, which has 10 grams of vegan protein in it. That will ensure you feel satisfied and also fuel your body so you can still maintain your normal schedule and lifestyle. 

You get to eat a meal in the evening, so you don't feel deprived of actual food. What you eat is really up to you, but it should gear toward healthy if you want to feel the maximum effects of the cleanse. A general rule is ½ your plate filled with something green, ¼ your plate filled with lean protein, and ¼ your plate filled with good complex carbs. 

Here are a few recipes that are great to make with the JUS 'Til Dinner Cleanse: