In My Pantry

In My Pantry

raj barker what a nutritionist eats to stay healthy

Holistic Nutritionist Raj Barker Shares What Food She Keeps Around 24/7

Holistic Nutritionist Raj Barker Shares What Food She Keeps Around 24/7We're into our second installment of our new series on the JUS Blog called 'In My Pantry'! Once a month we'll link up with a leader in the health and fitness world to get an inside look at what foods they always have on hand to keep themselves fueled and happy.

This month we're getting an inside look at what Raj Barker, a holistic nutritionist and instructor of Taryn Toomey's The Class, eats to keep herself healthy from the inside out.

1. COCONUT WATER: I sweat so much teaching The Class, so I am always looking to amp up my electrolyte count and fast-track hydration.  
2. CINNAMON: I do reference it a lot more in winter as it is a warming spice, but it also works to balance blood sugar levels. I add it to my smoothies and sprinkle it on top of my morning grapefruit.  
3. GREEK YOGURT: I love it plain, in smoothies or on top of fresh fruit. It provides protein as well as a good hit of probiotics.  
4. ALMOND BUTTER: The good fats in this spread helps keep my energy levels at an even keel as well as keep my brain functioning (most of the time. HA!). I have it with rice crackers, spread on apples, and also in my smoothies.  
5. GRAPEFRUIT: I start everyday in the warmer months with a grapefruit, they are excellent for metabolism and also contain a plethora of essential vitamins and minerals. The red ones are the best tasting and deliver the most benefits.  
6. SPINACH: I go through bunches of this stuff a week! Handfuls in smoothies, sautéed with meals, as a salad base. It's fibrous and rich in chlorophyll. Plus, consuming green leafy vegetables makes me feel like I have my life somewhat together!  
7. MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENT: The Class takes effort to teach. We visit every muscle group in the body almost every class. As I mentioned earlier, there's lots of sweat. To ensure I avoid feeling muscle ache I take a magnesium supplement every night. Research suggests our soil is so depleted these days that food alone can not meet our daily magnesium requirements, so giving my body that little extra serving helps.  
8. EGGS: I'm that girl who walks around with boiled eggs in her bag?the greatest snack! They are a powerhouse of nutrients and a whole protein source, not an easy find in the land of vegetarians.  
9. BERRIES: Living in NYC, we are slammed with free-radicals on a daily basis, and antioxidants are the perfect way to combat them. I always include a berry variety in my smoothie and also love to just snack on them. Sweet and nutritious little bundles of yum.  
10. PROTEIN POWDER: Again, I am super aware of taking in enough protein each day. Not only does it keep you satiated between meals but it is an important building block of bones, muscles, skin and blood. I add protein to my smoothie every day. 

Raj is an inquisitive student + teacher of yoga with an obsession for all things nutrition + wellbeing. She's Australian born + raised, residing in Brooklyn, New York. Her experience in the health + wellness industry includes one-on-one nutrition consultations, as well as group facilitation, teaching yoga classes + private lessons in Sydney + New York, as well as recipe development for popular plant-based food service Sakara Life. She is also a teacher  for The Class by Taryn Toomey, a spiritually empowering fitness class based in NYC. Raj has an innate curiosity for the healing power of food as medicine, + her nutrition consults have a strong focus on plant-based food, as well as daily rituals to support the body's natural ability to heal skin and thrive.