How to Kick Start Your Morning Routine Without Coffee

How to Kick Start Your Morning Routine Without Coffee

Coffee culture is still going strong, but recently influencers in the health and wellness industry have been incorporating other beverages into their morning routine that naturally energize and offer a range of other benefits. If you’re looking to swap your coffee for a healthier beverage, try these five coffee alternatives that will still wake you up without the caffeine crash.

Coconut Water

If you love morning workouts, then coconut water can be a great alternative for your post-workout hydration. Coconut water contains 95% water and covers about 13% of your daily potassium needs.  Plus, it's naturally sweet and full of electrolytes that will leave you feeling refreshed, awake and hydrated.


Matcha is a type of green tea made from young tea leaves ground into a powder form. Compared to regular green tea, matcha contains more nutrients since you are consuming the entire tea leaf. Like green tea, matcha does have caffeine, but doesn't give you jitters the way coffee normally would. In fact, samurai warriors would drink matcha before going into battle for long-lasting energy that didn't cause nervousness. Make your own matcha latte at home with a whisk, hot water and your favorite non-dairy milk, or add it into a smoothie. We love this matcha recipe and this matcha smoothie.

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Warm Lemon Water

Sometimes when it comes to morning routines, simple is best. Sip on some warm lemon water first thing in the morning as you’re making breakfast or getting ready for the day. Warm lemon water helps flush the digestive system and the vitamin C from the lemon helps boost your immune system.


This bubbly probiotic drink is a great way to kick start your morning if you enjoy carbonated drinks. Kombucha is a fermented beverage made of black tea and sugar. It's typically mixed with natural flavors like ginger, lemon and other fruit juices. While kombucha does contain natural sugar, it helps support digestion due to the high levels of beneficial acid, probiotics, amino acids and enzymes.


If you typically drink bulletproof coffee to supplement a meal, then a smoothie is a quick and easy way to keep you full for a longer period of time, and provide your body with more nutrients. Blended juices are digested more slowly than cold pressed juices because you are getting the entire produce in the drink including the skin and fiber. Starting your morning with a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables will keep you feeling energized and fueled for the day ahead.

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