How to Cut Back on Drinking & Still Have a Social Life


IF YOU'RE A YOUNG PROFESSIONAL or live in any type of urban area, your social life most likely revolves around going to bars. Whether it's happy hour, girls night out or watching the big game, many of us are hitting a watering hole 3+ times a week. But we totally understand that it's hard to cut back on drinking without sacrificing your social time. That’s why we sought out the best ways to curb your alcohol consumption without kicking your friends to the curb. Check 'em out:

Plan Ahead

Without a goal, you don't really have something to strive for, so before heading out for a night on the town, decide how many drinks you want to have. Making this decision beforehand helps to keep you in check as you're reaching for another drink. And while you're out, be sure to keep tabs on how much you're drinking—keep a running tally on your phone if you need to.

Hydrate Between Drinks

Alcohol is a diuretic, and part of the reason why we feel hungover is because of the dehydration it causes. Battle this by having a full glass of water between drinks. Not only will you be hydrating yourself, you'll be slowing the pace of your alcohol consumption. If you feel weird holding a big glass of water while your friends are clinking champagne flutes, ask the bartender for a club soda or seltzer water with lime. No one will be the wiser as to your drink choice, plus, who doesn't love bubbles?!

JUS Cleanse with Your Friends

It's no surprise that we're advocating a juice cleanse, but seriously, sometimes just quitting cold turkey or having an excuse not to drink makes it a lot easier. And when you get your friends on board, you'll all be on an alcohol fast together! BONUS: You'll help rid your body of the toxins from the alcohol and set yourself up for a healthier lifestyle post-cleanse! HAPPENING NOW: GET 2 CLEANSES FOR $250 + FREE SHIPPING! – Use code JUS2GETHER at checkout* Click here to get the deal!

Organize an Outing That Isn't At a Bar

There are plenty of things you can do with your friends that don't involve a bar. Try a group workout class (Groupon has great deals for these), start an intramural sports league, or sign up for a new hobby (baking, woodworking, dance, pottery—so many choices!). You'll be able to get closer with your friends, de-stress and improve yourself/learn a new skill! Next on our list? BELLY DANCING!

Opt for the Spritzer

Sometimes just switching out what you're drinking can really cut down the amount of alcohol you consume. There's a reason why those dirty martinis hit you a lot harder than a glass of white wine—Gin and vodka have about 35-40% alcohol by volume whereas white wine has about 5-13% and beer only 3-9%. We're big fans of the white wine spritzer—TO MAKE: pour ¾ a glass of white wine, top ¼ of the glass with very cold club soda and garnish with a lime—which will slow the pace of how much you drink without feeling like you're sacrificing too much.