Health & Beauty: 5 Easy Ways to Transition from Summer to Fall


Now that Fall is officially here, it's time to start thinking about switching up your health & beauty routine. We've broken down some of the most pesky problems that crop up as summer fades, from pale skin to dry lips, and easy fixes that will keep you looking and feeling fabulous in those chilly temps.

Pale, Sallow Complexion | The Fix: Carrots

We all tend to lack color in our skin during the cold months. Toss the self tanner and give yourself a natural glow by eating plenty of carrots instead. The vegetable is high in carotenoids, which can make your skin tone appear warmer. Our Day Glow juice, made with carrots, apple, pineapple & rice milk, will have you looking lit from within in no time.


Day Glow Juice, $8

(carrots, apple, pineapple, rice milk)


Sniffles & Colds | The Fix:  Ginger

Colds are probably our least favorite part about the cool-weathered months.Keep your body on point with ginger, which helps to relieve a sore throat quickly and kill rhinoviruses that cause colds. Incorporate it into your food or steep it in hot water at the first sign of a cold (or daily to keep your defenses up). 


Ginger Citrus Booster Shot, $4

Ginger Booster Shot, $4

The Problem: Chapped Lips | The Fix: Hydrating Lipstick

Those cracked, dry lips are not a cute look. Yes, chapstick or lip balm is a good go-to, but why not opt for something that pulls double duty like a hydrating lipstick? Scientific advancements in traditional lip colors have given birth to versions like Guerlain Rouge Automatique Hydrating and Long-lasting Lipstick that keeps your pout looking soft and supple without having to apply it every .02 seconds. 

Tight, Dry Skin | The Fix: Cream Cleanser

Between the dry heat and cold, harsh winds, your skin can easily be sapped of its moisture during fall and winter. In fact it loses about 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture in the cold months. Foaming cleansers that feel great in the summer can strip skin of natural oils (which ='s moisture). Swap it out for a cream cleanser like Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk or Jack Black Epic Moisture Clean Cream Body Wash that will keep you looking supple & feeling soft.

Overeating | The Fix: Protein & Fiber

One of the great parts about fall & winter is the hearty, warm foods we get to eat. But because we're stuck indoors, we often tend to overeat. Battle the munchies by making sure you're getting enough lean protein (fish, chicken, turkey, lentils, lowfat yogurt, etc.) and fiber (green vegetables, fruit, oatmeal, etc.). When you eat them together, they are digested more slowly in you body, which will check that hunger like a bag at the airport!