Everything You Need to Build the Perfect Appetizer Platter

Everything You Need to Build the Perfect Appetizer Platter

One of the best parts about entertaining is choosing the menu. No matter what you pick, having a selection of appetizers is necessary. These days, almost everyone is dealing with some type of dietary restriction, so having a well-balanced spread is key to pleasing everyone. Next time you're hosting, put together a board with some of these options for a fool-proof way to look like the host who has it ALL together.

Sliced Veggies

Having a variety of sliced veggies is key. The easiest options are sliced carrots peppers. Switch things up by offering chopped zucchini, squash sticks or sliced radishes. The more colorful veggies, the better, not to mention all the better for you!


Hummus is a delicious vegan-friendly dip that is high in protein and goes well with sliced veggies or crackers. Whether you want to stick to a traditional plain hummus, or go for a more bold flavor, you can't go wrong with this dip.

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Crackers go well with cheese and hummus, or simply on their own. Go for two different types of crackers, a gluten-free option and a lighter non gluten-free option so that everyone is happy. Try and stick to a neutral flavor cracker so that it goes well with both the hummus and the cheese.


If your guests aren't lactose-intolerant, you should always have a few cheeses on hand. It's best to have a soft cheese like a brie or goat cheese paired with a harder cheese like a parmesan or manchego. 


When in doubt, always have a small bowl of nuts. These high protein snacks will please everyone. Go for unsalted roasted nuts which are easier to digest!


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