6 Apps That Will Keep You on Top of Your 2019 Health Goals

6 Apps That Will Keep You on Top of Your 2019 Health Goals

The new year is in full swing, and that initial motivational kick you had from making those 2019 resolutions on January 1st may be starting to dwindle. However, I have some health focused apps that will get you on track and help you stay accountable on achieving those goals that you've made for yourself. Whether it’s to feel good in your skin, meal-prep every Sunday evening or simply find more happiness in your day-to-day life, these apps will help you in achieving whatever you truly want to accomplish this year. 

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Maybe your goal this year is to meditate daily or to be more positive and less stressed. Meditation is such an amazing practice to come into since it will give your mind the focus it needs to be successful and the calm you need throughout your day. The Headspace app offers countless guided meditations that focus on sleep, stress, exercise, etc. There are mini meditations for those who might have slept in a bit later than they should have and even “S.O.S.” meditations that can assist in moments of extreme stress, anxiety and panic. With training led by former monk and renowned mindfulness expert, Andy Puddicombe, this app will be sure to bring you some level of focus and peace that you're searching for. 

Pacifica For Stress & Anxiety

According to cognitive behavioral therapists, it has been proven that stress, anxiety and depression are often caused by an ongoing cycle of negative thoughts. This app will keep track of your daily mood and offer affirmations, meditations, healthy meals and simple exercises to improve your mood. By tracking your moods each day, you'll begin to see what types of thoughts continue to overshadow the more positive ones. With this app, you'll be able to teach yourself to redirect those initial thoughts in order to find a happier mood and a happier life. 


Is physical fitness at the top of your new year’s resolutions? Aaptiv designs detailed workouts that you can bring with you to the gym so that when you reconnect with that membership that's been accumulating dust, you’ll be a pro and know just what to do. If you have limited time in your day to workout, you can still squeeze a quick sweat session in with the app's clear and time efficient workouts. They also have killer playlists that will get you fired up and ready to crush those fitness goals you have for yourself.

Workout For Women

Don’t have the time to make it to the gym? Download this app that has guided home workout sessions that range from 7 to 30 minutes. These workouts give you detailed and fun moves you can accomplish while focusing on the areas you want to tone up. This app is also perfect for anyone who travels often. No gym? No problem. 


There's something about checking off a list that helps you stay accountable and also gives you that pat on the back you so truly deserve. Keep track of completing your goals with this app that helps you decide what goals you have, how often you would like to complete them, and set times for doing so. Once you complete the goals, check them off your list and feel your pride glow.


This app is a game-changer for those who have a specific food regimen that they would like to maintain while also saving money on meals. There are daily meal options, from keto to plant-based, for you to create with easy to follow how-to videos. You can swap meals around to fit your week as well as create shopping lists for your convenience. This app will also break down how much protein, carbs, fat and calories you are having with every meal to keep you on track with your healthy eating goals.