6 Ways To Improve Your Digestion When You Feel Bloated

6 Ways To Improve Your Digestion When You Feel Bloated

There's nothing more uncomfortable than going about your day feeling bloated or with stomach issues. Nip them in the bud with these six natural ways to reduce bloating and improve your digestion.  

Kickstart with Ginger & Lemon

Get the day started off on the right foot by consuming some inflammation-fighting ginger and lemon before you eat anything. Because the two help your body naturally detoxify, it'll help prime your body for the day. We like making ginger tea or taking a quick Ginger Citrus Shot. 


You know that icky stomach feeling you get when you're stressed or nervous (that's sometimes accompanied by diarrhea). Well, that anxiety puts a lot of pressure on your stomach and even inhibits proper functioning of the area of the brain that handles digestion of food. Try slipping into a tub with this soothing DIY bath soak or using one of these meditation apps to unwind.

Take A Daily Probiotic

It's no secret that having a healthy balance probiotics, the gut-friendly bacteria that help you digest food, in your system is essential to the proper functioning of your digestive system. To get your daily dose, eat naturally fermented foods and take a probiotic.

Sip Slowly

Drinking plenty of water is key to proper digestion, so be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. However, if you chug it, you'll agitate your system, making you more bloated. So instead of downing a big gulps-sized cup all at once, try drinking water slowly throughout the day. 

Cleanse For 24 Hours

Give your body a break from foods that disrupt your digestive system and cause inflammation, like meat, eggs and cheese. A fiber-rich one day blended smoothie cleanse will give you enough nutrients throughout the day as well as help your body naturally cleanse itself. 


Get Moving

Just getting your blood flowing, whether it's a quick yoga sequence or a workout, helps your body to properly absorb nutrients as well as aid in reducing constipation. We like this 30-Minute full body workout you can do from home.