5 Ways to Boost Your Juice Cleanse

5 Ways to Boost Your Juice Cleanse

how to boost juice cleanse

Summer is on our heels, which means it's that time of year where we really focus on eating healthy and treating our bodies right. From salads to fruit infused waters, we're eating more fruits & veggies and also jumping aboard the cleanse/detox train.  


At JBJ, we like to detox several times a year to reset our bodies. Not only does it give us big doses of nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits that we sometimes forget to eat enough of, but it also helps our bodies get rid of extra waste and reduce inflammation from all of the disease-causing agents that tend to build up in our digestive systems. Although juicing or detoxing may seem daunting, it may really have an effect on how you feel, from better energy levels to clearer sinuses and fewer seasonal allergy symptoms (something almost all of us are suffering with right now). 


Whether you're a seasoned juicer or completely new to the process, there are several ways that you can actually boost the detox your body is going through during the cleanse. While a juice cleanse helps your body naturally clear itself of toxins, you can facilitate the detox even further. Here are our five favorite ways to take a juice cleanse to the next level: 



It turns out that the amount of healthy bacteria that's in our gut is crucial because scientists are finding that the bacteria there can affect not just your digestive health, but also your mood, skin, energy levels and your ability to fight infections, viruses & disease. Although most of us associate bacteria with being harmful, probiotics are beneficial microflora also known as active cultures that reside in the digestive tract. They help us digest foods, absorb nutrients, produce vitamins like B and K and suppress the growth of more harmful micro-organisms. All of this happens in the gut, which not-so-coincidentally is where 70 percent of the immune system is found. By taking a daily dose of probiotics (1-2 billion CFU's) during your juice cleanse, you'll allow your digestive system to balance itself out even more. 

As we mentioned above, long term inflammation in your body can lead to chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and more. Turmeric, a brightly hued superherb, has an active ingredient in it called Curcumin that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The herb also blocks free radicals that cause aging while simultaneously stimulating the antioxidant mechanisms that are already in your body. You can season your food with turmeric before and after you cleanse, or take shots of it during your cleanse. 





While working out during a cleanse is optional, and depends on the way your body feels, light yoga poses that naturally help your body cleanse itself can further aid in the detox process. Poses like downward dog and locust or anything that includes a twist can help improve digestion and massage major organs.  



This green pigment present in all green plants is responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis. The molecular structure of chlorophyll is almost identical to hemoglobin, which builds and transports red blood cells, so it essentially has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level. It also provides much needed energy by assisting in oxygen delivery to the blood, thanks to it's high levels of magnesium. 



Consuming wheatgrass is a great way to help detox the liver. Its cleansing properties, nutrients and enzymes can help to restore and revitalize your liver and also rid the body of heavy metals, pollutants and other toxins that may be stored in tissues and organs. It's also a complete source of protein, something your body craves when cleansing.