5 Fun and Fit Activities for a Girl’s Day Out

5 Fun and Fit Activities for a Girl’s Day Out

It’s officially May, and we don’t know about you, but the promise of warm weather typically leads to more weekend plans with friends. Thankfully, a girl’s day out doesn’t necessarily need to be confined to boozy rooftop brunches (although we aren’t judging if it is!). We’re all about opting for fun and fit activities that you and your gal pals will absolutely love. Check out a few of our favorites below!

Potluck Picnic

Healthy for you (and your wallet) picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with the people you love most. You can opt for a themed picnic, like “Superfood Sunday”, or keep it more generic. Pick a perfect spot at a public park or beach, ask your friends to each bring their favorite dish and enjoy!

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Hit The Barre

Skip the bar and book a barre class instead. Or if barre isn’t your thing, any group fitness activity will do. We find that high energy classes, like cardio dance, tend to be more enjoyable with friends versus classes that are a little more personal, like meditation or restorative yoga. No matter what you decide, definitely opt for a place with showers in case you all want to grab a bite to eat after you sweat.

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Ready To Race  

Running is one of those activities that’s much more enjoyable with friends. If you’re not sure what races are available in your city, we suggest checking out Runner’s World and use their handy, dandy “Race Finder”. Once you and your girlfriends sign up, make it more fun by coordinating race outfits or wearing matching headbands for a fun photo opp!

Makeovers and Mocktails

Nothing screams “girl’s day out” like a good ol’ fashioned makeover. Thankfully blow out bars like Dry Bar and even makeup salons like Blushington and Benefit have seen a huge rise in popularity these past few years. Book an appointment for you and your friends before heading to your favorite bar. You can keep the healthy streak going with some fancy mocktails or go for the real deal!

Spa and Chill   

Forget Netflix. The spa is where it’s at. Treat yourself to the pampering session you and your girlfriend’s deserve, complete with detox water, steam rooms and massages. If you happen to be NYC, be sure to check out one of our favorite new wellness spas, Rise By We. 

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