5 Best Pool & Beach Reads for Summer 2017

5 Best Pool & Beach Reads for Summer 2017

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There’s nothing like relaxing by the pool or beach, sipping an iced something and enjoying a good book. As part of our 2017 Happy & Healthy Body Plan, we’ve rounded up our favorite reads to enjoy this summer while you’re kicking back. 

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Rich People Problems

Kevin Kwan

Consider this the antidote to your Big Little Lies withdrawal. The hilarious novel focuses on an all out family war over who will get their matriarch’s fortune. Wrought with jealous battles in glamorous locales, this one will have you laughing from beginning to end...and wondering who will get that inheritance.


 Theft by Finding

David Sedaris

If you’re a fan of Sedaris’ sharp tongue and stories of his past, this book, which is essentially a diary of his entire life, will be everything you wished for. True to his style, Sedaris shares delicious gossip, amusingly uncomfortable moments and secrets from strangers through his perceptive lens.


The Destroyers

Christopher Bollen

Arriving on the Greek island of Patmos broke and humiliated, Ian Bledsoe is running from the emotional and financial fallout from his father’s death. His childhood friend Charlie—rich and basking in the success of his new venture on the island—could be his last hope. At first Charlie’s life seems like a fantasy, but Ian realizes Charlie may have some dark secrets once he goes missing. Fair warning, this novel is a suspenseful page-turner that’ll keep you up all night reading.


People Like You

Margaret Malone

A collection of short stories about characters who are gritty, funny, down to earth, strong and humanly imperfect. You’ll fall in love with each one as they journey through everyday existence. 


Goodbye, Vitamin

Rachel Khong

Struggling from a recent split from her fiance, Ruth decides to quit her job and move back in with her parents. Upon making the move, she finds that things are more complicated than she thought. Her father is losing his memory and her mother’s behavior is erratic. This uplifting novel finds the humor in aging and the change that comes with the passage of time.