3 Simple Hairstyles That Will Keep You Cool During Any Summer Workout

3 Simple Hairstyles That Will Keep You Cool During Any Summer Workout

Summer is officially in full swing, and we’re anticipating lots of awesome opportunities to get our sweat on outdoors. As the temperatures rise we’ve been on the lookout for a few simple hairstyles that will keep you cool during all of your workouts.

We turned to a few of our favorite beauty outlets and bloggers for all the inspiration and narrowed it down to these three looks below. Each one can be done in less than 15 minutes with just a few products you most likely already have on hand. Enjoy!

Top Knot 

For the no-fuss, “I only have 5 minutes” kind of morning, this is our absolute go-to. Add a little dry shampoo or texturizing spray (we love THIS one), back-comb for extra volume, and secure with one or two bobby pins for all day hold. The best part about the top knot is there are so many different ways to do it. We love wrapping a little braid around it for extra pizazz! 

Image Source: Cosmopolitan.com


Boxer Braids

Sure this style launched into mainstream fashion during festival season of 2016, but we’re still down to rock it through all of our intense workouts this summer. The reverse french braid may be a little tricky at first, but the key to perfection lies in consistency and a little bit of practice. If you still can’t find yourself able to do it at home, we hear RPZL is the place to go for braids in NYC. 

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Image Source: MissySue.com

Pull-through Ponytail 

When we first started seeing these pop up all over Pinterest and Instagram we thought, that is one cool looking braid! Turns out, it’s not a braid at all and bonus, it’s a lot less complicated than it looks. Tiny elastics work best for this style, and be sure to have a hair clip on hand!

Image Source: Babble.com


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