3 Key Traits For Living a Happier Life

3 Key Traits For Living a Happier Life

The pursuit of happiness is something humans have been striving for since the dawn of time. Although we can’t give you one quick trick to make life instantly happier, we can offer up a few tried and true principles that we believe the happiest of people practice daily.

Practicing Self-love

It’s more than just a wellness industry buzzword. Self love is a vital component of finding happiness. If you don’t approach yourself, your skills, your mind, and your body with love and compassion, how can you ever truly have a happier life? The way you view yourself directly impacts the relationships you choose, the image you project, and the way you cope with problems. Practicing appreciation for yourself will help support your physical, psychological and spiritual growth, and will ultimately lead to a happier, more compassionate mindset.

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Cultivating A Thankful Heart

Researchers have said that gratitude can enhance your well-being and improve relationships. We couldn’t agree more. When you start to take note of all the things you’re grateful for, it becomes easier to forget the things you lack. It’s important to acknowledge that no matter how hard life may be, there’s always something to be grateful for. You need only the courage and willpower to focus on that.

Living In The Now

One of the most overused yet seemingly unattainable phrases of happy people is the line “live in the present moment.” To truly appreciate the “now” and live life to the absolute fullest, you need to be mindful of your natural thought patterns. If you find yourself in a state of regret, you’re most likely dwelling on the past. On the flip side, if you’re struggling with anxiety your mind is most likely somewhere in the future. By creating a more mindful routine and approaching your day to day tasks with self love and gratitude, you’ll be able to more easily live in the now.

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