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Our Cleanses



1 Day Cleanse: For the Beginner

A one day juice cleanse is a quick, easy way to restart your body and get back on track. You'll get 6 fiber-rich blended juices designed to help your system naturally detox and provide maximum nutritional benefits. Learn More  



3 Day Classic Cleanse: For Maintenance

This customer favorite wipes away the evidence of junk food and unhealthy habits. The 18 blended juices in this cleanse, each made with whole vegetables and fruits are designed to evict the unwanted toxins from your body. This includes a super-filling healthy midday dessert juice. Learn More  



3 Day Renewal Cleanse: For the Greens Lover

With an emphasis on green juice, the Renewal Cleanse will give your body a full-out detox. Vegetable-focused blended juices with lots of fiber will fuel you with essential nutrients & vitamins while keeping you full and satisfied. Learn More  



5 Day Cleanse: For the Experienced Juicer

Ready for another round of juice? We've designed this program, consisting of 30 juices, to provide your body with enough nutrients, vitamins & minerals to juice for five days straight. You'll have a balance of green juices and heartier juices, all made with 100% whole fruits and vegetables. Learn More  



3 Day Soup + Juice Cleanse: For the Foodie

Love the idea of cleansing, but also the idea of eating actual meals? With this three day detox program, you'll enjoy a vitamin-packed juice in the morning, afternoon and evening, plus a variety of three blended soups loaded with protein, vegetables and antioxidants throughout the day. Learn More  



5 Day JÙS 'Til Dinner Cleanse: For Cleanse-Haters

This cleanse is the best of both worlds. You'll drink four nutrient-dense juices per day, then prepare your own healthy dinner in the evening. Great for someone looking to dip their toes into the world of detoxing as well as athletes regularly performing high intensity exercise. Learn More