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5 Day JUS Cleanse

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5 Day JUS Cleanse

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Quick Overview

A five day cleanse is a quick and easy way to reenergize your body and start fresh. The cleanse is designed to help your body naturally detoxify. Our five day cleanse consists of 30 uniquely blended smoothies, allowing you 6 drinks a day. We have designed the cleanse so that your body gets the maximum amount of nutritional benefits for five days. Upon finishing the cleanse you will most likely feel a renewed sense of energy and a noticeable decrease in cravings. Our cleanse allows you to transition back to a healthy diet as soon as you complete the five days so that you can get right back to catering to your busy life.

Our smoothies are freshly made every morning through our unique blending process that is designed to maintain the fiber of all the ingredients, as this will help your body feel full and nourished all day long.

Raw Truths

We've assigned each drink in your cleanse package with a number (one through six) highlighted on the label to let you know the proper order to drink your smoothies in. We suggest that you consume each drink two to three hours apart, but we ultimately stress that you should listen to your body and drink whenever it tells you it is hungry. By investing in a cleanse, you are investing in your health. Here are a few of the smoothies you will be receiving in your package.

1.  We begin each day with the sweet spin; made from spinach, kale, pineapple, banana and mango we can assure its going to be one of your favorites. Start your day with this one to give your morning a sweet touch. 

2. The spicy lemonade is your new brunch. Created from lemons, cayenne pepper and maple syrup, it is similar to what is known as the classic master cleanse detox. We have included it in your cleanse to pump up your vitamin C and rev your metabolism to get things heated up. 

3. Next up is Raw Green Protein, tastes like caramel apple pie in a bottle! That kick of protein will be the perfect mid-day booster your body wants and needs.

4. More than halfway through a day of cleansing, you can expect to be treated with something sweet to keep you going. You will receive our famously delicious chia berry.

5- For dinner you can expect something hearty. One of our thick specialty drinks are in store to keep you full and satisfied. They are packed with a variety of nutrients and healthy fats. You will get an assortment of PB & Jus, Island Coconut and Matcha Chia.

6- Enjoy a delicious Xtreme Greens before you head off into slumberland so that you can really wake up feeling rejuvenated!

Customer Reviews

5 Day cleanse Weight Loss Review by DANIEL
Both my wife and I decided to use Jus by Julie as we were looking to kick ourselves off our Junk food habits and lose some weight in a quick way. Jus by Julie worked!

Both my wife and I lost in excess of 7lb, each, in 5 days and believe me when I say, neither of us are big. Seriously, my wife never thought she'd lose that much as she's 5'7 and a wears a US 4-6 dress size. I lost 4 inches from my waist which was immense!

We both also felt very healthy and alert doing the cleanse and only felt hungry on the first and last day, which we both felt was mental, rather than physical.

Since finishing the Juice cleanse, I no longer find myself craving junk food. Instead my body is crying out for fruit, etc and our portion control is much better, we barely eat a third of what we were previously!

My only complaint would be that you can't choose your juice flavours (with Groupon). We found the Dr Green flavour, both the flavour and texture was unpalatable but we just replaced one of the juices a day with a very small amount of fruit or Edamame and a bottle of cold water and it was fine.

I would really recommend this to anyone looking to start a health kick, but are a little to lazy to do any planning or preparation. (Posted on 8/25/16)
Great Juices Review by Brittney
I ordered the 5 day cleanse and the juices arrived right on time. As instructed I placed 2 bundles in the freezer. I started the cleanse the next morning. The Juices taste great! Much better than expected - even the green ones. I was hungry the first 2 days, but I think that was because I had to sub a spin class each day, so I could have used the extra calories. What I noticed the most was my lack of cravings for sugar and processed foods. My only complaint is that the two bundles of juices I put in the freezer did not thaw out overnight - in fact it took 3 days for them to completely thaw and then when they did, the contents were all separated and they did not taste the same as the fresher ones - some even tasted bad. And I could not complete the 5 days - had to do 3 days cleansing, two days off, then 2 days cleansing. (Posted on 1/26/16)
Excellent Review by JUSlover
I love the juices. They taste amazing, and are so good for you. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and it became even more vital to watch what I was eating due to food sensitivities and health concerns. These juices are just what my body needed! I was constantly bloated, and feeling fatigued, but when I drank these during the cleanse, I feel wonderful and full of energy and life!

I highly recommend - don't be afraid to try a cleanse or just some of the juices! My favorites are Spicy Lemonade and Xtreme Greens. (Posted on 12/1/14)

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